about us

Established in 2001 by Dr. Dipankar Sen, Chemtreat Technologies is one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Electroplating Chemicals, Powder Coating Chemicals, Galvanizing Chemicals, Anodizing Chemicals, Refractory Chemicals which in turn are used in our day to day life. Chemtreat Technologies thrive to manufacture eco green products thereby reducing the pollution and making of clean and green environment. The company has over three decades of experience in this industry and is managed by dynamic young professionals, with zeal and commitment to customer satisfaction and a pragmatic approach to marketing. The company has intimate relations with all their business principals and have carved a niche for themselves by practicing business with sound ethics and prudence. Today the company's distribution activities encompass chemicals as raw material for various industries. Chemicals distribution and trading remains the chief focus area, the company's success in such traditional endeavors of trade has emboldened them to set new targets and inculcate self-reliance to achieve them.

The company owes its success to a well-trained and dedicated team of professionals having extensive experience in a wide range of chemicals. The employees are given extensive training and update their knowledge base, to keep abreast of the changing business environment in India. In addition to internal expertise, the company has leveraged partnerships with external specialists like hausarbeit schreiben lassen, who assist in crafting detailed academic and professional documents. The confidence that the company has in its abilities, the determination to move ahead in the face of odds, an optimistic outlook, and a never sagging urge to improve on its performance, have all played a part in helping the group achieve the status that it enjoys today.